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The First Response Broadcaster program is authorized under NRS 414.310. The purpose of the program is to provide broadcast station and cable company engineers and technical staff with access to facilities during an emergency or disaster when travel may be limited by law enforcement or public safety concerns. The program provides technical staff the ability to keep the broadcast facilities and cable operations on the air so that emergency officials can present warnings and information to the public while assuring the Incident Commanders and public safety officials that the Broadcaster First Responder has the training and qualifications to safely transit troubled areas to their facilities in a time of need. The legislation also guarantees radio and TV stations access to the fuel and supplies they need to remain on the air and serve their communities in a time of need.

The certified Broadcast First Responder will have proper identification and credentials to present to public safety officials when requested. The Nevada Broadcasters Association administers the program while Vegas PBS provides a portal to the required training. The names of the certified Broadcast First Responders are furnished to the Nevada Division of Emergency Management. The Nevada Broadcasters Association reviews the list of certified individuals every six months and informs the NDEM of any changes in employment or status.

Station managers should note that these ID cards grew out of the need to keep broadcast transmitters on the air in times of disaster.  Specifically, these cards are not to be used by news-gathering crews or personnel.  Such use would constitute a misuse of this program, and would jeopardize the program for all stations in the state.  If there are any questions on the intended use of these cards, please contact the NVBA.

[symple_accordion] [symple_accordion_section title=”How to Become Certified”] You must complete the training course found HERE. Once you have successfully completed all the required courses and disaster simulation, VegasPBS will forward your certificate of completion to the NVBA and it will be signed by the Presidentof the Nevada Broadcasters Association. Your certificate and ID card will then be mailed to you.
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If you leave the employment of your Station, the First Response Broadcaster ID card MUST BE RETURNED to the Nevada Broadcasters Association (NVBA) and the NVBA will notify the NDEM.

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